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Looking Car Service near me in Brisbane?- We Provide All Auto Repair Service

The importance of regular Auto Repair Servicing and Maintenance | Car Service near me in Brisbane

No matter whether you drive a brand-new car or one older than yourself, proper maintenance of your car is a must. Most people dont pay enough attention to when their car is due for a service. So, how often are you meant to get your car serviced? 

The average driver is recommended to go in for a checkup every 10,000km or 6 months, depending which comes first. If you dont know why this is or the benefits of regularly servicing your car, then this guide will help you. 

Car Services Brisbane

Car Maintenance and Servicing near me: Basics to Improve the Car’s Longevity

It is important for every car owner to spend some time on regular maintenance. Prevention is better than finding a cure when something inevitably goes wrong. Major repairs can be costly and keep you off the road for longer than necessary Just look for car service near me.

Most people follow one common philosophy,

“My car is running smoothly, so what’s the problem?”

This isnt really the case. Unfortunately, a lot of car issues are silently but deadly. You might be able to determine an issue like an oil or coolant leak while looking under the bonnet, but cars are a lot more complicated than that.

Our aim is to prevent you from getting to the stage of having to spend thousands. For example: maybe it has been a year since your last car service. Your oil levels are so low that your whole engine and radiator overheated. Your engine is past the point of return. Look for car service near me.

You have 3 choices:

Buy a new Car or fork out thousands to get a new engine.


Keep your services up to date and avoid that unwelcome surprise altogether. Realistically, by doing regular services you're saving yourself from a heftier bill down the track, therefore saving yourself a lot of money.

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Why choose us?

Best car service Brisbane

Brisbane Auto shop is the leading car repairing company in Brisbane. We do all kinds of repairing’s - fleet servicing, engine replacement, car batteries, windows services - and anything you want to get repaired.

Professional expertise

Our car mechanic Brisbane service has workers with good knowledge of the auto industry. We know the best practices and cost-effective solution to all your car problems. We also make you aware of the tiny problems that can enlarge, and cost you big time. Of course, we solve it too.

Use of latest technology

Our Brisbane automotive service uses modern tools, and machines to tune your vehicles. This helps us find your car's potential loophole at the nascent stage. We then use the tools to correct the issues, and help increase the vehicle's performance.

Warranty service

Our car service in Brisbane comes with a guaranteed warranty. We are a reliable service partner, and are fully confident of our offerings. Hence, offer you a warranty upfront.

Customer delight

Our workers serve you with complete dedication. Customer delight is our prime goal, and through our service, we always strive to achieve the same. We make changes, and repair your car, until you are satisfied. If you are looking for a trusted, and efficient automotive repair near me service, Brisbane Auto Shop will help you increase the car's performance.

Benefits of Regular Car Servicing and Maintenance

Boosts your Safety

The safety of the person who drives the car is important. When you get your car serviced regularly, it can identify potential problems before they become major. With a routine check, you can drive your vehicle worry-free.

General services include: 

  • Oil/ Air filter change  
  • Brakes
  • Air pressure in tires 
  • Headlights 
  • Taillights 
  • Sidelights 
  • Interior lighting 
  • Full car inspection

Saves Money

Regular servicing of your vehicle tends to enhance the overall performance. If the air is low in your tires, or oil levels arent sufficient, your car will be struggling to get from A to B. This strain causes your car to use way more petrol - Up to 50% more!

As noted above, regular tuning identifies potential problems in a car before they become major ones. If you are planning to save some money by not servicing your car, you might find yourself paying double for the replacement or repair of the damaged parts down the track.

Now, if you come every 6 months, that should keep you going just fine. Beyond this, you might be in trouble, mainly because oil level and filters play such a key role in keeping your vehicle moving. Over time, these both become radically impacted.

Here at Brisbane Auto Shop, we change your oil and filter with every General Service. If the oil level in your car is low, you could end up spending thousands for the repair of your engine. Engine oil is considered the blood of the engine and it should be carefully monitored by the owner. Without oil, all the pieces inside your car start to grind together, seize up and potentially be damaged beyond repair. We cannot express enough how crucial this is. Stay safe and keep serviced.

Maintains the Value of your Vehicle

There is a major difference between a well-preserved car and a non-maintained car. When it comes to selling, the second hand car market is super competitive. You must keep your car well-maintained to get the highest trade-in value from the reseller. Realistically, having routine Logbook services is the key to a good return when selling your used car. Logbook services maintain your warranty with the dealership, because it deals with all the electronics and mechanics on top of the general oil and fluids that come with a standard service. Car buyers are increasingly aware of the maintenance and kilometers a car has lived through, so this is an attractive trait of any car.


We often hear the term:

"Run it into the ground"

Regular Servicing naturally improves your cars life span, so if you are planning to keep your vehicle for many years to come, it is crucial to keep it well maintained.   Brisbane Auto Shop is here to take care of your vehicle by offering trustworthy and affordable car servicing. We have a passion for repairing cars so that you can stay on the road. You can expect a high-quality inspection from our licensed mechanics. Dont spend more than you need to. If you live in Brisbane and looking for a reliable car service station nearby, Brisbane Auto Shop is the only destination you need.

Tyres & Wheel Services A/C & Cooling Systems Clutch & Transmission Services Brakes and Suspensions All Mechanical Repairs Bosch Car Services Warranty Fleet Car Services Alternators and Batteries

A general suspension service costs you anywhere between ($70 - $90). As is the case with all the services, it too depends on the extent of suspension being damaged.

If you happen to experience the below issues, your suspension needs to be check.

  • Problems with steering.
  • Sense of bump during driving.
  • Audit if any of the open car corners are sitting down.
  • Acceleration disruption causing you to either lean back or forward.
  • Lopsided driving.

These faults need to be repaired at the earliest to help you drive safely.

Suspensions need to be replaced every time your car travels between 50,000 - 100,000 miles range. To be on a much safer side, you should replace your suspensions if you feel any disturbance in driving.

Yes, the suspension does affect steering. Both parts are dependent on each other to help you drive safely and comfortably .

The below list includes the finest car batteries available.

  • Bosch Battery.
  • Optima red-top series Battery.
  • Alco Battery .

These batteries come with a good fit size. They are also very durable and long lasting. Also, they provide leak resistant and safe design.

An average lasting period of car batteries is roughly 6 years. They easily get affected by the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. This causes the car life to deteriorate as it is constantly under the pressure of environmental changes.

If maintained properly, your car battery will have a life between 2-5 years. This is due to the exposure of the car battery to varied environmental conditions. So, it is important to replace your car battery within the same time period.

Toyota car batteries come in different price ranges. This depends on different factors such as vehicle type, reverse capability, battery specified, warranty, etc. Commonly, Toyota car batteries can be easily bought at ($75 - $200).

Bosch being the leading brand, you are assured of an excellent and long lasting durable car battery type. Irrespective of the weather conditions, the battery comes with a great sustaining power and durability. These car batteries are available at Brisbane Auto Shop. They also come with a 36 month Warranty(private use)

Buying fleet vehicles can provide you with great advantages if you are looking to make money in car related business. This is because the vehicle works in a great condition even though it may have some shortcomings. But, you need to be careful about a few disadvantages too.

  • Hidden damage
  • Excessively used
  • Less mileage
  • Lacking few resources in the vehicle.

You need to take care of the disadvantages to buy a fleet vehicle. And, then take your final decision.