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Bosch Car Service Warranty| Brisbane Auto Shop

Bosch Car Services Nationwide Warranty How it works

With a Bosch Car service Nationwide Warranty, your car is covered by a Bosch Partner anywhere within Australia. This means, if you recently got your car serviced with a Bosch mechanic and run into a problem, youre able to get your car checked out, free of cost at a nearby Bosch Service Station! Thats how confident we are that your car is in good hands.


Let's put it like this:

Lisa recently serviced her vehicle at her Local Bosch car service workshop. The next weekend, Lisa and her family drove into the country for a weekend away. It was during the drive that she noticed a strange sound coming from under the bonnet. 

Remembering the Bosch Car Service offers nationwide warranty, she located the closest Bosch Car Service in the area and contacted the workshop. She explained that she normally serviced her vehicle at the different Bosch Car Service and named them.

Armed with this knowledge, the Bosch Car Service technician knew that this could possibly be a nationwide warranty claim.

Whilst checking Lisas vehicle over, an issue was found. Therefore, under the Bosch car service nationwide warranty program the issue was fixed, and a satisfied Lisa could return to her weekend trip without the hassle of any additional costs for the repair.


With over 13,000 successful workshops worldwide, it's no surprise Bosch is a leading Engineering company. Founded by Robert Bosch, a German Engineer in 1886, this company has prided itself on the policy that customers always come first. The Founder is often quoted due to his generous views on money. A great example:

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I have acted on the principal: rather lose money than lose the confidence of my customers.
- Robert Bosch, Founder. 


Here at Brisbane Auto Shop, we act on the same principal. We offer honest, high quality Mechanic work that you can depend on time and time again. We are proud to work alongside Bosch in offering a nationwide warranty that protects you and your family, no matter how far from home you may be.

For all Bosch car service location:

Australia:1800 060 060
New Zealand: 0800 4 BOSCH (26724)
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