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Clutch and Transmission Service | Brisbane Auto Shop

No matter what car you drive, you have a clutch and transmission. These are what keep your car running smooth on the road.

Automatic Transmissions do require a little bit more attention than a Manual Transmission. This is because there's a lot more that goes into making an Automatic Transmission work. It is actually one of the most complicated parts of the entire car. If your transmission is having some issues, you might notice your car revving up when changing gears and/or hear a buzzing sound. One of the other most visible signs is leaking fluid at the base of your car. If you're unsure, have a look under your car next time you're about to hop in. Is something leaking? Probably best you book in for a quick service with us.

As for manuals, the driver does the work of an Auto Transmission using the clutch. The modern clutch in a manual car has four main components:

  • cover plate
  • pressure plate
  • driven plate
  • release bearing.

If just one component is having issues, the whole clutch system will be thrown off and create too much friction to glide smoothly into gear. There are a few, simple ways to know if your clutch is having troubles. A big one is noise. Clutches talk to you if they're having a bad time. This could be a rattling, thud or squeak, along with a pulsating feeling when pushed down on. Also as common, clutches can lock into place or be too loose. Driving in these conditions must be a last resort, otherwise you risk damaging your gearbox, shifter and starter motor all at once.


If your car is a bit rough in the gear changing department or has been making some new sounds, then let us know. A transmission or Clutch service may be just what your car needs and we can definitely help you.

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