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It is often said that Trucks are the backbone of Australia's economy. On average, Trucks transport 75% of this nation's domestic goods. They drive up to 11 hours/day, or 72 hours per week as opposed to the average passenger car that drives just under an hour per day. This works out to be roughly 1,200L of Fuel/ Per week based on the average consumption of rigid trucks, in comparison to a passenger car that probably only uses around 27L per week. Thats a lot of fuel, especially with prices skyrocketing in recent months. Furthermore, consumption can rise to 50% more if the vehicle is experiencing mechanical issues, bringing fuel/week to a whopping 2,400L. The issue could be as small as air capacity in tyres or low oil, but the economic impact can be massive. For this reason, it is recommended that your fleets are serviced at least every 3 months, as well as routinely checked by staff/drivers.

We understand the cost associated with an impaired fleet vehicle is more than just repairs. The bigger costs come in the form of missed opportunities; reduced productivity; and consequently, unhappy customers. As an Independently Owned, customer service orientated Shop, we empathize with how damaging this could be. Routine maintenance by your professional fleet service partner can massively prevent inconvenient vehicle breakdowns.


We take tremendous pride in our efficiency and friendliness, which is why we claim to be the best Fleet Service Partner in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We understand how important fleet services are to this nation. We can help you keep your performance at its peak, and keep Australia moving.

We keep track of the scheduled maintenance checks for you, so you dont have to worry about knowing when your fleets are due to come in. Additionally, we keep a detailed record of all past service history, as well as providing you with an overview of how its currently performing. Looking to upgrade your fleet vehicles? We have the advice and tools! 


We strongly believe in completely fair and transparent service. Trust the maintenance of your fleet at Brisbane Auto Shop, where we will pamper your vehicle in our state-of-the-art facility with the intention that your business never experiences the inconvenience of a broken fleet vehicle. Even if an untimely breakdown does occur, you can count on us to help get the vehicle back on the road in a very timely manner. Save thousands in fleet costs with our comprehensive service.

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Outsource your fleet vehicle repair service with us to improve productivity and reduce your overall costs. We guarantee that you will receive the best bang for your buck at Brisbane Auto Shop. Our transactions are completely fair and transparent, and invoices are generated only after approval.

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