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Get Brake Pad Replacement Service in Brisbane and Car Suspension Repair.

Picture this:

Its 5:00pm, Friday afternoon. You're driving home from work, excited to go out for some drinks after a long week of meetings. You're listening to music to distract yourself from the terrible traffic you're in. You're rapping to some song about partying, when suddenly someone in front of you hits on the brakes out of nowhere. You hit on yours too, but your car thuds into a slow stop. After what feels like eternity in a pimp my ride bouncing car, you rear end the person in front of you, who then rear ends the car in front of him. You just played dominos in the worst way. Now, 3 cars sit crumpled up, blocking even more traffic. Everyone jumps out and is taking details while you silently stare and evaluate why your car took 30 seconds to come to a meter stop; but then you remember. Your car was 4 months overdue for a service, and your mechanic and warned you about getting new brake pads. That was 10 months ago. Uh-oh.  

There are so many reasons why the brake pads on your car are important. Brisbane city is known for its terrible stop and start traffic. Brake pads are vital to making sure you dont end up being like this story- based off common events.

Brake pads naturally wear away significantly with time, but if you're a driver in the city, it's even more likely yours need replacement soon. Generally, they last about anywhere from 30,000km to 90,000km depending on your terrain. Let's say you live in a mountainous area, where you are often braking or accelerating. Brake pads thin a lot quicker in these areas in the countryside where there is ample, flat open roads.


With that, city traffic is almost as bad at mountainous areas, due to the constant braking for lights and traffic. Thankfully, with every service here at Brisbane Auto Shop, we thoroughly inspect all aspects of your vehicle including brake pads. We take the stress out of those little traffic issues. Talk to our staff today for a quote on new, high quality brake pads.

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