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What To Do When Your Car Is Bogged? Tips To Follow

Rain and bad weather can turn your driving experience hell, especially when you are driving off-road. You can end up with sticky muddy stains all over your car and nothing works for you unless you find help from nearby car service. The situation even gets worse when your car is stuck in the mud and you don't know how to overcome it.
So, if you are driving off-road, there might be changes your car could easily get bogged. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get your car unstuck efficiently and safely, without facing any hassle. One such solution is to call roadside assistance, especially if you are alone.
Brisbane Auto Shop can help you in this matter by arranging the rescue operation for your car at your cost. However, in case, you are in a situation where it is impossible to find a mechanic near me or car service near me, don't worry. There are several genius methods for freeing your car from sand or mud.

Here's How To Self-Recover Your Car When Bogged

Whether you are in the family sedan or having your sports car, there are some basic rules you need to follow for getting your vehicle free while keeping passengers safe. A few of them are:

We provide many auto services including following car services:

Don't Continue To Accelerate Your Way Out

When you accidently bump into some sticky ground the first thing we do is to start accelerating the car, which is not the right step to do. In this situation, patience is the real key, because the faster your wheels spin, it reduces the capability for the wheels to gain grip and hence they are likely to dig you in deeper. To avoid this type of situation, try using the forward and back technique to return into the solid tracks. Use this technique in a similar manner that you did while parking your car.

Try to Dig and Build Some Grip

Digging the mud out from the car tires, simply helps you to move forward and back, as this will boost the grip for the tires. To start with, do focus on the power wheels and make sure to clear them first for better results.

Important Tip: Do not forget to check your tire pressure.

Make Use of Car Jack

Another ideal solution to do when your car is bogged, use the car's jack to lift up a wheel. Though jacking a car is dangerous, and especially when you are off-road, as the car can easily slip off the jack, but you have to do the process to get rid of the situation. Also, make sure to try to use rocks rather than wood.

Try Braking If The Car Won't Move

The braking technique is the ideal approach you can do, when your car wheels are jammed in the bog or they are spinning. One must keep a note that, when trying braking, simultaneously you need to turn the car wheels left to right to clear out a space in between mud and tires. The important point to keep in mind is don't try this for a longer period of time, as this will overheat your car brakes and lead to some issue with the car's functioning.

Find Some Muscle to Push Your Car

It's great when you see a bunch of people heading towards you when you are in need. So, don't hesitate to ask for help, as a helping push will easily turn off your car from the bogged situation.

Ask for help

In case, you have tried all the above-mentioned steps and nothing helps you to free the car, the only solution left with you is to ask for help. You can contact Brisbane Auto Shop roadside assistance team to help recover the car. So, rather type a mechanic near me or search for car service in Google, just save our number right after you read this blog and call us for hassle-free service.

Important Tip:

If you are planning to visit some hilly areas or visit some sand land, it's very much possible that you could easily become bogged. So, make sure to carry some extra equipment like snatch straps, shovels, shackles, safe hitch points, or even spare mats and blankets for extra safety. Being prepared is the best defense against a bog.

What Not to Do When Your Four-Wheel Drive Stuck

Note down these points:

  • Try too hard to come out If the given solution is not working, then it is recommended to stop spinning the wheels immediately, as you will just make things worse. Rest for a few minutes and then try again.
  • Keep using the same methods If it failed a couple of times, then why should you be trying the same method to recover. Do remember if it failed once, it will fail again. Try a different method or sit patiently and ask for help.
  • Do not leave your vehicle Don't leave your car unless you are absolutely sure that you can easily walk to safety. Especially in the case of the outback in the hot sun, just don't even think about it.

Once You Are Out

After all this difficulty, once your car is unstuck from the mud, immediately visit the nearby car service station and make sure to properly analyze your car. If it is required then refill your car tires and don't forget to clean up the sticky mud around your car as soon as possible.

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