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How to Avoid Break Downs

Warning Signs of Dying Battery

There are normally warning signs that your car battery is on its way out. A massive tell-tale sign is if the car has been starting up a little slower than normal. This should be obvious because a good car battery will start within a few seconds if not instantly once the key is in ignition. On the other hand, when a battery is nearing the end of its life, it normally takes a little longer. You'll feel the car struggles a little. The lights may be a little dimmer than usual.


Batteries should last around 3 years on average but that's just a guideline. If you tend to drive short distances a lot, this runs your battery life a lot quicker. This coincides with the mistake we've all made of leaving the lights on overnight. There's also the obvious drive in movie style of leaving you radio on while your car is halfway off. Batteries unfortunately don't have that much power in them. Most of the car's electricity comes from the mechanics inside the car. If you want to know more about how cars get their power, go to batteries in our service list! We explain it all there. Batteries tend to be the most common issue with car break downs. It is a pretty quick fix but if no one is around to jump start you so you can get to the nearest mechanic, your only option is a tow truck! Avoid all this drama. We provide free battery testing here at Brisbane Auto Shop with also car battery replacement service. Swing by our shop in Eight Mile Plains to test yours today.

No Fuel

I'm sure we've all been there. Our fuel tank is low, but we think we could make it a while longer until we hit our destination or on the way back. Everyone's experienced the panic you feel when the fuel light starts flashing and you're nowhere near a fuel station. Realistically, you have a while before your car really stop going all together. The rule of thumb is 10km, mostly because if you go more than that you may cause some serious damage to your car. Obviously, we urge you to not let your fuel tank light come on at all. Once your car hits the ¼ mark, its time to fill up; but in the unlikely circumstance that this isn't possible, and your fuel light comes on you need to find the closest petrol station. Now isn't the time to worry about price. Fill up at least ¼ so you're able to make it to a better spot for petrol.


Car Overheating

Radiator overheating is a pretty common occurrence. It's no secret that people don't check their car fluids enough. If you get your car serviced every 4-6 months, you can kind of get away with it. That being said, Australia's hot summer weather does put more of a strain on the cooling system of a car than other colder countries. This means that coolant levels can drop dramatically quicker. We recommend leaving a bottle of coolant in your car for this reason. To put it in human terms, coolant is the sweat of the car. Sweat regulates our bodies temperature. Without sweating, we run the risk of heat stroke. Coolant is the same deal. Its not uncommon for coolant tanks to have leaks. If you find your coolant levels are dropping rapidly, its probably best you book yourself in for a service. We recommend checking your coolant levels at least once a week. You should find the coolant tank under your hood. If it is low, wait for your car to cool down completely then add a 50/50 water and coolant mix.

Flat Tyre

Everyone experiences a flat Tyre eventually. Worn down, balding tyres are more susceptible due to their smoother surface. Flat tyres can be very dangerous, as it compromises the control you have over your car. Even if it feels like your car will make it a distance in order for you to change your Tyre, we highly recommend pulling over and waiting for assistance.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs simply break with age. This is one of the pesky things that needs replacing every so often by a mechanic. These breaking mean your car will struggle to keep power. The signs are similar to a dying battery. If you get regular services, you should never experience spark plug issues! We check everything on your car- including these. Keep your car maintained with Brisbane Auto Shop.

The importance of Roadside Assistance Insurance

Roadside assistance is vital for every driver on the road. Everyone thinks it won't be them when it comes to cars breaking down. Statistically, everyone will experience a breakdown or car issues leaving them unable to drive. Probably multiple times in their lives actually. Roadside assistance is the most affordable way to reduce the risk of having to spend thousands on repairs last minute. With roadside assistance, you're covered anywhere anytime. You'll be top of the line to receive help. Whereas if you're not covered, and call for help, it could be hours until they reach you. This is especially important if your car is on the older side, as its more prone to break downs. Keep safe and avoid break downs with regular car services just search car service near me. Don't avoid the issues your mechanic relays to you. Be sure to fix the most pressing matters when possible. Trust us at Brisbane Auto Shop to give you honest advice on your vehicle.


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