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Busted: Common Car Myths in Preparing for Road Trips

Do you love going on road trips? Did you miss that long drive with beautiful scenery? We're sure to miss those road trips too.
How about you? If you are now all set to hit the road again, allow me to share some common car myths. The list below can help you prepare better for your next great adventure.

Myth 1: You need to use premium fuel for road trips

Myth busted. You might not notice the difference if you drive an economy or a premium fuel.
Sure, using premium fuel does have some advantages at times. But from what we learned, the fuel depends on the car. What is correct is to best use the fuel the car's manufacturer recommends. So, do check it out with your car dealer or contact us at Brisbane Autoshop.
If you wish to use premium fuel, test it first and prove the performance. Does it give you extra mileage? Does it save you on fuel costs in the long run? Does it give your car a better performance? If yes, then by all means use a premium fuel.
The point is, don't use premium just because of ads or perception. Check your car's manufacturer. Test it first.

Myth 2: You need to always replace all tires at the same time.

This is another myth busted. Replacing all tires at the same time should not always be the case. Why?
Before a road trip, it is a must to have a car service check. If your auto repair shop recommends replacing all tires at the same time, think twice. It depends on several factors.
Certain manufacturers recommend replacing a full set of tires. This is usually for all-wheel drive types of vehicles. It is because these vehicles are more sensitive to variations in tire diameter. If all four tires need replacing at the same time, the car manual will mention this.
Other cars recommend replacing the tires that are paired on the same axle. You need to check the car's tires closely. See how damaged the car tires are.
Before incurring extra costs, check with your manufacturer. Or you can also check through an unbiased and credible car service shop.

Myth 3: Fuel efficiency is higher for manual cars versus automatic ones.

Not necessarily. Say you have two cars, one is manual and one is automatic. You want to choose the car you want to bring on your next road trip based on fuel efficiency. You might think that the manual car may be more fuel-efficient. Hence, you think it the better option to bring on a long road trip. But, is this true?
A manual car is not anymore the more fuel-efficient car. It depends on the car make and model and when the car was released.
Yeah, it used to be the case wherein in the past the manual ones are better in fuel efficiency. But in the past years, manufacturers have already addressed this. They have already reduced the gap in fuel efficiency between manual and automatic. For newer automatic cars, they may even be better than the older manual ones!
So one tip, read the car manual again or check with your manufacturer the fuel efficiency of your car. Then compare.

Make Use of Car Jack

Another ideal solution to do when your car is bogged, use the car's jack to lift up a wheel. Though jacking a car is dangerous, and especially when you are off-road, as the car can easily slip off the jack, but you have to do the process to get rid of the situation. Also, make sure to try to use rocks rather than wood.

Myth 4: You can use water for your radiator.

Not true. Please use a premixed coolant recommended by your car manufacturer. This is because tap water has minerals. These minerals can build up in the cooling systems. It may even cause problems.
Another reason is that if you use water only, it dilutes the coolant concentration. This in effect reduces corrosion protection.

Myth 5: During a lightning storm, you will be safer in your car because of the rubber tires.

Yes, it is safer to be in the car during a lightning storm. But it is not because of the rubber tires. It is safer because your car can become a Faraday cage.
Faraday cage or shield was named after the scientist Michael Faraday who invented it in 1836. A Faraday cage or shield is an enclosure that blocks the electromagnetic fields. It is used to form a continuous covering of conductive materials.
Hence, it is because of this concept of Faraday cage that you can be more protected from lightning. And it is not because of the car's rubber tires. But be careful not to touch any metal parts of the car!
Here's another reminder for car owners: before you travel, it will be great to have your roadworthy certificate. This certificate is not only for use during the buying and selling of cars. This is a way of ensuring the public's safety. Getting a roadworthy certificate means that you had your car checked. And it means that your car is safe to travel on Australian roads.
To get a roadworthy certificate, your car undergoes inspection. This process ensures that key parts have not worn out or deteriorated. This certifies that your vehicle is safe for long road trips and drives.
Hope you have learned a thing or two about my blog post on common car myths. Feel free to share so others can also know.
Good luck and enjoy your road trip!

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