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Top 15 Checks to Avoid Car Roadworthy Certificate Fails

Adminjune 30, 202005

Top 15 Checks to Avoid Car Roadworthy Certificate Fails

Everyone wants to get a Roadworthy Certificate most commonly known as an ‘RWC’ or ‘Safety Certificates’ to prove that the vehicle is saef enough to run on the public roads. A roadworthy is majorly required when a vehicle is about to sold or if it is being re-registered to clear some defect notices. This inspection assessment ensures the safety standard of the car and shows that is it safe enough to be driven or not. Keep a note that some vehicles don’t require a Certificate of Roadworthy.

Most Roadworthy companies will charge a fee for a second inspection round if your car doesn’t pass the first one on a roadworthy certificate. These companies usually don’t charge a premium for their first inspection. So, if you are about to look for a Roadworthy certificate near me then read this post to go through to ensure your car does not fail these 15 checks while going for an inspection. All the below-mentioning checks don’t require any expert training or experience and are very straight forward to do. But before getting into the checks, let’s quickly discuss what does the car Roadworthy Certificate inspection cover?

What’s Checked by the Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane?

The roadworthy inspection is a process to check the car and make sure that key components are in good condition for safe road use. Majorly the inspections cover includes:

  • Wheels and tyres of a car
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Steering, suspensions and braking systems
  • Lights, reflectors, windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers
  • Vehicle structure and other safety items
  • Chassis or engine.

What’s Isn’t Checked by the Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane?

The roadworthiness test isn’t a check of a comprehensive mechanical inspection or the general condition of a car. A Certificate of Roadworthiness in Brisbane does not include:

  • The car is in top condition without any issue.
  • The Non-safety related accessories including the air conditioner, rear window demister, electric windows, and rear-window wipers are working.
  • The major items checked during the inspection will continue to function after the inspection.

In major cases, the vehicle does fail this basic inspection, as a pass or fail normally depends on the condition in which the car or any other vehicle such as truck/ trailer/ motorbike has been maintained. We have conducted successfully over 30,000+ inspections for roadworthy certificates in Brisbane, and we can identify the top 15 failed items below. Avoiding these common safety mistakes will help you get a roadworthy certificate in your first attempt.


Tyres are one of the top reasons that attempt and resulting in more cars fail an inspection. Your tyres are one such essential part of the car in providing grip and control whilst on the road. If they are worn, cracked, or have a tread depth less than 1.5 mm, it is cause for failure. Make sure that your car’s tyres should have valve caps fitted to protect from the build-up of grime and dirt. Also, air pressure of the tyres, no sidewall damage, and no nails or screws in the tyre should be checked to ensure all tyres have the correct pressure, including the spare.


Lights are the second most important reason people fail their certification. It is important for the safety that all your lights are working well to assist you and other motorists with the right amount of visibility. Mostly, make sure that all lights must not be cracked, and the lenses used in the car cannot be faded. Indication and number plate lights are often forgotten by users, and if they don’t work properly, your vehicle will fail an inspection.
What you need to check:
All park lights, Fog lights, headlights and tail lights are working well. While, headlights and tail lights should also be checked to ensure that they are not loose, not discolored, free from cracks, or UV affected.

Car Steering Components

Many car owners become self-satisfied with their steering, and hence sometimes they ignored the fact that vehicle quirks and difficulties of possibly making quick turns without perceiving the possible existing damage to internal components. Steering and alignment components must be first-class and not exhausted.


Your wagon windscreen is the window to the outside world, even it serves to provide strength to your car in the situation of a crash. Nowadays, a significant number of automobiles failed the Roadworthy Certificates examinations due to a cracked, chipped, or faulty windscreen that will compromise the safety of the car.

Suspension Components

Worn out suspension machinery causes’ problem not only for the vehicle owner and driver but to all other drivers and people on the road. It is always a good idea to replace a worn-out suspension before certification can be achieved.

Seats and Seatbelts System Failure

Supplementary restraint systems including seat, seatbelts, and airbags are the most crucial safety mechanism in your vehicle. That is why it is essential that they must be in proper working condition. Poor seat and seatbelt conditions might result in the danger of an accident.

What to look for
  • Seatbelt sash should be free from frays, cuts, and damage.
  • Must be securely anchored without having tears where the metal frames are exposed.
  • Must be fitted with headrests.

Dashboard Warning Signs

There have been times when your car dash shows the warning lights to alert the driver of faults relating to vehicle components and safety features. Throughout the normal operation, when the motor engine is running, there should not be any warning lights indicated.

Check for Modifications

Various modifications are made on automobiles for multiple reasons, major ones are performance and appearance. People who modify their transportation must check the guidelines described by the Department of Transport and make sure that their modifications are complicit with safety standards.

Rusting Issues

Rust will prompt breaks in the outside of the paint and cause an air bubble in the Duco. This may make your van to fail the security assessment. Over the top corrosion is demonstrative of poor maintenance and can prompt a bunch of issues in the future.

Engine Oil Leaks

Engine and transmission oil leaks are one of the most vital contributing factors that can lead a failure to get a Roadworthy certificate Brisbane. These include not only all the safety concerns but can lead to expensive damage conceding the veracity of the vehicle.


Horn is proposed for circumstances where you should alarm another driver that they are going to hit a person or thing. In that capacity, horns that don't work can make your vehicle fail the wellbeing investigation. Keep away from an unnecessary fail and always double-check the horn to identify whether it is working properly or not before going in for an examination.

Wiper Blades

Horn is proposed for circumstances where you should alarm another driver that they are going to hit a person or thing. In that capacity, horns that don't work can make your vehicle fail the wellbeing investigation. Keep away from an unnecessary fail and always double-check the horn to identify whether it is working properly or not before going in for an examination.

Wiper Blades

Something as simple to supplant as a broke wiper edge can cause an investigation disappointment. Regardless of the climate conditions, clear vision is vital out and about and just new windscreen wiper cutting edges can ensure this. On that note, never hesitate to open the bonnet and cross-check that the windscreen washer liquid, brake liquid, and coolant supplies are at the appropriate level.


Your braking mechanism must function at higher-capacity. Defective or inadequate braking systems are commensurate to certification failure. Many people neglect to cross-check the handbrake and causing inspection failure. Your handbrake should hold the vehicle set up at a tough edge to effectively pass the examination.

Radiator Hose

The radiator hose must not be fragile, torn, frayed, or broke, they can prompt issues with the motor oil temperature. While radiator hoses are regularly compacted in their ordinary condition with a strong capacity for high operating pressures and interior temperatures.


Your car battery must be clean and all the fluids work properly well at acceptable levels. Any imperfections or faults with the battery life could warrant certification failure. In case your vehicle lights start to dim, it might be time to replace the battery altogether. Use these major 15 checks offered by Roadworthy certificate Brisbane examiner and avoid all the possible situations that fail your Roadworthy Certificate. So, if you are looking for ways to how to get a Roadworthy certificate near me, then let us know, as we are licensed to inspect vehicles and give Roadworthy certificates in Brisbane. We hope this article helps you a lot. Book our Car service in the morning and feel safe to use same-day service.