Having a logbook service performed on your car is the most responsible thing you can do for your car. In addition to avoiding warranty violations, logbook service insures that your car continues to run smoothly.

What is logbook service?

It is a comprehensive catalog of routine services recommended by the manufacturer of your car for smooth operation and longevity of your car. The nature and frequency of services included in a logbook varies by the make and manufacturer of each vehicle. As a general rule of thumb, a car must be serviced after 10,000 kilometers or six months, whichever one comes first.

What happens if you do not maintain logbook servicing on your car?

There are very important reasons why you should take your car for logbook servicing on time every time, and there are undesirable consequences if you fail to do so:

You will void the warranty on your car

If your car is still under warranty, and you fail to maintain logbook servicing on your car and recording the services in the logbook, you will void the warranty on your car and end up paying a lot of money out of your pocket to repair defects that would have otherwise been repaired under warranty by the dealership.
If you ever decide to sell your car, and you have a logbook indicating that you have been servicing the car in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, then you have a bargaining chip when negotiating the price of your car. Car buyers are willing to pay extra bucks for cars that have been well taken care of. A car without a logbook service record or with a poorly maintained one has a much lower resale value.
Logbook servicing is intended for smooth operability of your car. It can also help diagnose a potential problem before it becomes very costly. If you neglect to take your car for logbook servicing, you may end up having to pay a heavy sum of money to remedy a problem that could have been prevented or detected early by performing a routine logbook service.

Why should you choose us for your next scheduled service?

  • You need a licensed mechanic to perform this service. We are licensed mechanics in Brisbane whom you can trust to service your car as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • As part of the car’s warranty requirement, you can only use genuine or equal replacement parts. With us, whether your car is still under warranty or not, you are guaranteed to get genuine or equal replacement parts.
  • Our workmanship, and attention to detail are hard to be matched.
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